Recent Publications

. Rethinking Generative Zero-Shot Learning: An Ensemble Learning Perspective for Recognising Visual Patches. ACM MM,2020.
. Memory-Based Network for Scene Graph with Unbalanced Relations. ACM MM,2020.
. BiteNet: Bidirectional Temporal Encoder Network to Predict Medical Outcomes. ICDM,2020.
. Adaptive Two-Dimensional Embedded Image Clustering.. AAAI, 2020.
. One-Shot Learning for Long-Tail Visual Relation Detection.. AAAI, 2020.
. Graph-based Hierarchical Attention Networks for Movement Intention Detection from EEG Signals. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (TNSRE),2019.
. Attentional Temporal Cues of Brainwaves with Spatial Embedding for Motion Intent Detection.. ICDM,2019.
. Collective Protection: Preventing Sensitive Inferences via Integrative Transformation.. ICDM, 2019.
. Distributionally Robust Semi-Supervised Learning for People-Centric Sensing. AAAI, 2019. DOI
. Temporal Self-Attention Network for Medical Concept Embedding.. ICDM, 2019.
. Learning to Hash for Efficient Search over Incomplete Knowledge Graphs.. ICDM, 2019.
. Making Sense of Spatio-Temporal Preserving Representations for EEG-Based Human Intention Recognition. IEEE transactions on cybernetics,2019.
. Dynamic Illness Severity Prediction via Multi-task RNNs for Intensive Care Unit. ICDM, 2018.


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